Youth Members

The Exploring program is a wholly owned subsidiary arm of the Boy Scouts of America. Exploring is a program for both boys and girls 14-20 yrs old. While Scouts can be Explorers, Explorers aren’t necessarily Scouts. Exploring is a National program, focusing on Career Exploration and gives youth hands-on experiences in their career of interest. Exploring has been around for over 60 years. Being a part of this Exploring program is more than just learning about careers in the area of your choice. 

It also gives you an opportunity to:

  • Meet other people your age in your neighborhood and around the metro area
  • Try out leadership roles
  • Earn scholarships for college
  • Participate in your community and do community service events
  • Travel
  • Hang out with a great group of other explorers
  • Hang out with cool advisors