Where do Explorer Posts meet?

Explorer posts meet at each sponsoring organization's facility. Posts may also meet at various other sites during field trips, tours, or outings depending on its activities, for example a health post may meet a the local hospital.

When do Explorer Posts operate?

Explorer Posts may meet anywhere from one to four times a month and often opperate throughout the academic year. Posts make their own schedules according to what works best for the members.

How do I join Exploring?

It's easy! Find a Post by clicking on Search and Join (above) and contact the Post Advisor!

What kinds of activities can my post do?

Post activities vary according to the type of post, the participants, and the facilities.

Why does Exploring work?

Exploring is successful because it combines professionals from desired fields and youth in a program that allows them to not only share interests, but learn about the field and be a part of the professional community.  

Who can join Exploring?

Any young man or woman ages 14-20 and a graduate of eighth grade, may join Exploring.  

Exploring is a co-educational program.


St. Paul - Hulings Service Center

393 Marshall Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55102


Golden Valley - Gabbert Service Center

5300 Glenwood Avenue
Golden Valley, MN 55422 




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Brian Swerine

Senior Exploring Executive


Carla Beach 

Program Coordinator, Exploring 



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"Exploring has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life and the program has taught me many things - I have learned the true meaning of integrity and dedication. In Exploring, you make connections with professionals and learn what they do on a regular basis. I have gained many great relationships through the program and learned the true meaning of teamwork. The professionals put in many hours and go above and beyond for explorers; even giving them personal advice goes along way. Just about everything in the program is fun, exciting, and hands down the best!

If I had to choose a favorite moment, it is being at this year's State Law Enforcement Exploring Competition. This is my last year and I've realized how far we have come as a team, and how far I, myself, have come as a person.

If you are thinking about law enforcement or just want to hangout and do something great then this is it! Thanks!